Human Resource Administration

We help organizations establish and strengthen their HR departments by designing, developing and implementing HR procedures & systems which help the clients achieve their objectives. Services include:

Policies and Procedures are the cornerstone for any organization and are define how it treats its people.

Reconfiguration of the organization structure and customizing it to the requirements of business strategy including delineation of roles and responsibilities of key units in the structure at the strategic, operational and individual levels.

Comprehensive evaluation of jobs through the application of rigorous and customized tools and methods to access their relative worth and using the evaluation in constructing job descriptions & equitable salary structures, suiting the unique needs of organization.

Commissioned studies to map the best-in-class human resource management practices, remuneration, benefits & work shifts, and helping the client identify, implement and assimilate initiatives for employee motivation & performance improvement.

Design ,development and implementation of performance management systems, customized for the unique needs of the organization, with accent on business linkages and goal setting, performances measures and review mechanism including performance distribution and performance ranking procedures.

Developing an integrated succession planning and talent management system, including policy framework and protocols for horizontal and vertical movement of employees and procedures for replacement planning for key positions in the organizations.

At AceTech Services, we aim at making ever challenge an opportunity for our benefit. We endeavor to evolve, expand and better ourselves for each and every client requirement.

As a part of the HR Policies and Procedure Manual, or as a stand-alone project we can produce an employee handbook from an existing Policy and Procedures Manual. AceTech can roll out a handbook with relevant but comprehensive data to ensure the employee’s needs are met through brevity.

Our knowledge of labor law and proficiency enables us to assist, propose and formulate employment contracts for organisations. Clear cut parity ensures conformity throughout the organisation with regard to personnel histories.

Satisfaction surveys help gauge employees satisfaction with their roles and responsibilities, the work environment, and their experiences with management. It helps to find out what mix of benefits matters most, and what skills they wish to acquire as they develop their careers. AceTech will make tailor-made questionnaires for each client aimed to yield results thus helping to spot issues early on.

This service aims to seamlessly combine and give all information needed to resolve HR-related queries (Policies & Procedures, Benefits etc.) and Employee complaints in an amiable and intuitive manner. It enables administrators and agents to have a 360-degree view of employees. It creates and tracks cases, manages solution library, uses trouble shooting guides, and conducts transactions-at-a-click for employees.