AceTech can provide the following range of Procurement activities either on a consultancy basis or as full integrated member of the Customer Procurement Team that include the following:

The importance of establishing international, ethical and robust ‘best practice’ Procurement processes and procedures are one the most important aspects of an established Procurement team. AceTech could provide this on a one time consultancy basis or be fully integrated into the Customers Procurement Team.

From an established database of over 2,000 Vendors worldwide, AceTech would provide sourcing, evaluation and qualification of all Vendors.

AceTech would provide a full ITT, comprising of all relevant technical specifications, HSSE, Quality and commercial requirements in line with Customer requirements.

AceTech would provide assistance in developing Customer specifications by sourcing and providing suitable options for considerations and acceptance by the Customer.

AceTech would provide price verification from their existing database and worldwide market research.

Using AceTech E-Bidding software all Customer RFQ’s would be issued and treated with the highest confidentiality.

AceTech would take responsibility for negotiating best available rates and terms and conditions.

AceTech would tender and ward the key Customer commodities (high spend, high volume) and implement an agreed pricing matrix and contractual terms and conditions, thus reducing manpower requirements, improving efficiency and implementing standardisation of Customers key commodity groups.

AceTech would provide a detailed analysis of purchasing expenditure by category and Vendor.

AceTech would record and monitor Vendor delivery, quality and commercial performance.

AceTech would provide desk expediting and field visits to vendors factories, when necessary.

AceTech would coordinate and monitor all inspection witness hold points in line with Customers ITP (Inspection and Test plan) or as required.

AceTech could, where necessary, coordinate and arrange for establishment of Letter of Credit either on behalf of the Customer or to its own account.